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Review Highlights



The Ball at the Savoy

Chicago Folks Operetta

July 2014


"...the core dancers, bringing grace to the choreography by Todd Rhoades. His dances, which fit seamlessly into the story at every turn, are a big reason this production is so beguiling."

M.L. Rantala, Hyde Park Herald -



The Land of Smiles

Chicago Folks Operetta

June, 2013


“…choreography by Todd Rhoades as lush as Lehar’s fanciful ballets (four dancers delight) and chorus anthems. This is as good as it gets or we deserve.”

Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theater Beat



“Add the nimble direction by Elizabeth Margolius that coordinated slow march entrances with the expressive choreography by Todd Rhoades with the casting of  professional singers from the Lyric Opera of Chicago and Chicago Symphony Chorus with Equity and AGMS talents and The Land of Smiles sings magnificently. The outstanding dancers adds depth to the mood and celebrations of the work.”

Tom Williams, Talk Theater in Chicago -




Light Opera Works

June, 2012


“Todd Rhoades’s choreography is delightful…”

Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago


“…..and the ensemble moves around elegantly through the choreography of Todd Rhoades.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


Finger Lakes Opera 2014

Geneseo, NY

Ball at the Savoy

Chicago Folks Operetta 2014

Chicago, IL 

Music Man

Paramount Theatre 2013

Aurora, IL

"Genesis" - Nomi Dance 2016

"The Embezzlement " - in studio rehearsal

Inaside Dance Chicago 2016

Die Fledermaus

New Orleans Opera 2015

Director: E. Loren Meeker

Choreographer: Todd Rhoades

Scenic Designer: Ryan McGettigan

Lighting Designer: Robert Denton


Inaside Dance Chicago's 2015 CSE Award

Choreography Excerpts Fall 2014

Solidarity - Group Contemporary

Mac the Knife - Theater Jazz Solo

Thinking Out Loud - Contemporary Duet

Provenance - Pointe Solo

Carmen (Excerpts of Act II)

Finger Lakes Opera 2014

Director: E. Loren Meeker

Set Designer: Laura Fine Hawkes

Lighting Desinger: Nic Minetor

Ball at the Savoy (choreographic excerpts)

Chicago Folks Operetta 2014

Chicago, IL


Light Opera Works 2012

Evanston, IL

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